Material Science


Over the years, KGC Scientific has been providing the expert assistance and a wide selection of products to suit YOURrequirements in material science research. KGC Scientific is sure to have the right product for your needs. We offer a wide range of products from reputable and dedicated suppliers like MTI, Torrey  Hill and many others
Material Science Products
KGC Scientific offers a wide range of products for every aspect of material science research. Select any of the categories listed below for additional information including specifications and related equipments for your research need. If you are looking for additional products or information, please drop us an email.  
Super-Bright LED Research Equipments
Magnetic Material Research Equipments
Thin Film Research Research Equipments
Advanced Ceramic Research Equipments
New Metal Research Equipment
Crystal Growth Research Equipments
Metallographic Lab Equipments
Desk-top machines for small machine Shop