Gas Chromatograph


KGC Scientific offers a full range of products for the area in Gas Chromatograph
·         Medical herb GC systems
·         Medical herb pesticide testing
·         Medical herb potency testing
·         Biodiesel GC - for ASTM Method D-6584 glycerol in B-100 biodiesel
·         Natural Gas Analyzer – for compositional analysis of natural gas
·         Capillary FID GC - for general hydrocarbon analysis
·         Capillary FID GC, Narrow Bore – for semivolatiles
·         CryoSulfur GC - for trace sulfur in gases or ambient air
·         DGA GC - for dissolved gas analysis in water and other liquids
·         Environmental & BTEX GCs - for most EPA 8000 series methods
·         Explosives GC - for nitro-aromatic & nitramine explosives in the field
·         Geoprobe GC - for continuous VOCs & separation of purge gas
·         Greenhouse Gas GC - for methane, CO2and N2O
·         Medical Herb Potency GC - for measurement of THC, CBD, and CBN
·         Methane/Non-Methane GC - for methane/ nonmethane HCs
·         Mud-Logging GC - for total hydrocarbons plus detailed C1-C6content
·         Multiple Gas Analyzer #1 - for fixed gases & light hydrocarbons
·         Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 - for fixed gases & hydrocarbons (optionally to C20)
·         Multiple Gas Analyzer #3 - for fixed gases and hydrocarbons, improvement over MG#2
·         Multiple Gas Analyzer + Sulfur - for H2S, SO2, fixed gases & C1-C20 (as configured)
·         PCB GC -for PCBs in soil and other solid matrices
·         Soil Gas GC -for soil & gas investigation applications
·         TO-14 Air Monitoring GC -for EPA air monitoring methods